Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gourds on the Fireplace

My sister Julie gave a new gourd for my birthday, so I just had to showcase them! Julie made the ones on the ends and I made the one in the middle. I think they are just too cute. I am going to try to talk Bill into letting me get some chickens. Maybe I can tell him with the economy this bad we might need some eggs to go with our beans and rice! If I get tired of the chickens we can always eat them!


Steph said...

You ladies have talent! I also love to paint our gourds and pumpkins but they don't look as good as yours! Olivia is begging to go pick some pumpkins so we will probably have to do that this weekend. You have a beautiful home. Take care!

Lilly said...

Another really nice job of decorating! Makes me think about doing something fallish for my mantle. Thinking about it is probably all I will do! I think I will call Julie and tell her I have some gourds she can have.........haha

shereebaby said...

Happy Fall, Ya All! Love the pretty fireplace decor.I think you shoul get some chickens & get your chicken house back from Bill. Doubt they're using it!