Saturday, September 13, 2008

Doug's Quilt

This is the Friendship Star quilt I made for my son-in-law Doug. This is before it was quilted. It was one of my first quilts. It was easy but still a lot of work.


Lilly said...

I think this is a great looking quilt. It looks a bit like the one I made for Kiley. Ha Ha. I finished the pincushion. It doesn't look any thing like the one in the pattern. I will tell you all about the pain in the but it was later.

shereebaby said...

love the quilt! good job, of course! Lucky Doug.I tried to sew today & my machine messed up so many times after I cleaned it thoroughly, that I threw my project in the trash, threw a fit & cried , spilled a whole glass of tea , my iron fell over & spilled all the water out on the nursery monitor...then I made enchiladas for 14 people, cut my son in laws hair & highlighted my daughters, grandaughters & son in laws hair, rode a bike with my 5 grandsons... had a great day!!!