Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A good day of Fishing(for me!)

Bill and Steve and I went fishing today. It was a beautiful day, just a lot of wind. Steve stayed all night with us so we could leave early. Of course we had to stop for donuts and coffee on the way. Bill and Steve caught no keepers and I caught two. I feel so sorry for them.(not!) Steve caught a 15 inch one last week. I think it gets bigger every time he tells about it.


Linette said...

I love it! You go Kathy. :) Nice fish you got there! It was a beautiful day to be out fishing I'm sure. Scott is going to be sooo jealous.

Lilly said...

Good picture Kathy. When are we having a crappie dinner. I will bring salad and dessert.

Lilly said...

I see you have added a list of links. I need to do that also. TTFN.